Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade

Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade

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Happy Memorial Day everyone!  We hope that you were able to spend time with friends and family this weekend, but most importantly honor those who have given their lives in service to our country.  Years ago we had the pleasure to visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.  It was an extremely moving experience and we have never forgotten the quote by Abraham Lincoln inscribed on the wall.

“The solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom” – quotation from Abraham Lincoln’s Letter to Mrs. Bixby.


This week we are sharing an All-American fan favorite with you — Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade.  It can easily be your go-to drink of the summer. One of the great things about this drink, other than it is delicious, is that it is great for entertaining because it is a large batch drink.  We love to serve drinks to our guests made to order fresh from the shaker, but sometimes when you are entertaining it is nice to have a pitcher or dispenser sitting out so guests can help themselves to seconds and thirds and fourths….

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To make this drink you need three simple ingredients.  Remember?  Easy. Tasty. Fresh.  The ingredients are Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka, lemonade and agave nectar.  We used Minute Maid Lite Lemonade to keep the calorie count down, and we like Monin Agave Nectar. It is nice to have some lemon wedges and slices for garnish.  Now just remember 3 parts: 2 parts: 1/2 part.  It’s so easy!  Pour 3 cups of lemonade into a pitcher.  Next add 2 cups of Sweet Tea Vodka, and ½ cup of agave nectar. Stir. Add lemon wedges and ice.  Pour over a glass of ice and sit back on your patio and enjoy the summer!  You can make larger batches, just remember 3: 2: ½ parts!

sweet tea lemonade

Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade

3 cups of Lemonade

2 cups Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka

½ cup agave nectar

Add lemonade, sweet tea vodka, and agave nectar to a pitcher.  Stir. Add lemon wedges and ice.

Pour over glass of ice and garnish with a lemon slice.

sweet tea lemonade 3

This drink is a crowd pleaser. It’s so easy to make and so easy to drink. We would love to hear if you serve this for your guests this summer.


Rhonda and Craig


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