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March is a month that always makes us conscious of changes.  There are the obvious changes like buds on trees and flowers blooming.  There are obnoxious changes like Daylight Savings Time and Springing your clock forward.  There are astronomical changes like the Equinox – March 20 when the duration of daytime and night time are equally the same over the planet.  (By the way did you see the beautiful full moon this week?)  As a toast to life, spring and change, we share another big hit we discovered — Double Thyme.

We thought that our post about 24 Kt. Cheesecake was going to be the hit of the month, but then we discovered the delicious combination of Double Thyme.  This easy, tasty, fresh cocktail will have you longing for a little bit more thyme.  Just as its name states, it consists of two thyme ingredients — fresh thyme and thyme infused simple syrup.  You also need gin, lime juice, a slice of cucumber and a little club soda to make this invigorating cocktail.

Usually we have fresh thyme in our garden, but its thyme has not yet come, so we had to purchase some fresh thyme at the grocery store.  To make the thyme infused simple syrup, make simple syrup as usual.  Place a few sprigs of thyme in the simple syrup and let set for an hour or more.

The gin we used was Malfy Gin: Originale for our cocktail.  We first shared this gin with you in our Gin and Tonic post.

We had fun sharing this refreshing drink with our dear friends, Troy and Heather, who were in town visiting.  Heather helped name this delicious drink. She and Troy gave it a double thumbs up! Nothing makes a good cocktail better than when enjoying the company of good friends.

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Are you going to double thyme it to the store to pick up some fresh ingredients this weekend?  Are you tired of the double dose of puns you’ve endured during this post? Either way, we’d love to hear about it!



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