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Happy Memorial Day, friends.  As we reflect on this wonderful holiday that is often associated with a day off work, barbecues, and the kickoff of the summer season, we want to highlight that is actually a day of gratitude and thanks giving.  A great quote that we found sums up the meaning of this day.

“If you want to thank a soldier, be the kind of American worth fighting for.”  — unknown.

This day is not just about remembering our fallen and the sacrifice of their loved ones.  It is also about our responsibility to be good Americans.  In our current political climate, we have the responsibility to be informed citizens, to vote, to volunteer in our communities, and to be good neighbors.  Personally, we have always thought America is a great place.  Let’s be the kind of people worth fighting for.

Okay… on with SUMMAAAAAA! You will love this tantalizing, refreshing, light take on the traditional lemonade.  Our sparkling lemonade recipe is so easy, tasty, and fresh.  Summer always makes us think of sitting on a porch, feeling the breeze gently on your face, watching the world go by as you slurp down a glass of lemonade.  The best part of our Sparkling Lemonade recipe is that it is not too sweet.  It is just the right amount of lemon, mint and sparkle.  It’s refreshing to drink and not too heavy.

To make Sparkling Lemonade you need elderflower liqueur.  We used St. Germain.   You also need 1 1/2 cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  For this batch we chose to purchase Santa Cruz 100% pure organic lemon juice.  You also need a bottle of chilled prosecco, fresh lemon slices, and fresh mint.

Add the St. Germain, lemon juice and lemon slices to a pitcher. Stir gently.  We made this ahead of time and chilled it in the fridge until our guests arrived.  Next top off with prosecco and stir again gently.  Add fresh mint for garnish.

For a complete printable recipe of Sparkling Lemonade, visit us at www.theblindpig.blog.

We we posted last week, we have lots more fun summer recipes and surprises for you, so check in with us throughout the summer.

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