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Hey Friends!  We took time off from the blog last weekend to enjoy family and friends.  We had several hockey games to attend and other various functions.  We hope that your Labor Day weekend was absolutely the best!

Although the calendar says that Autumn is near, our thermometer in Texas still has not gotten the memo.  Fall is our favorite time of year, the days cool a bit, and we Texans can sit outside on the patio without sweating! 😉 Blind Piglet 1 has a friend from Minnesota who moved to Dallas and spent her first summer here.  She told us that she took her car to the shop last week, because she didn’t think her air conditioner was working.  The mechanic told her that her air conditioner was working fine…. it’s just been really hot!

This week we are sharing with you one last hurrah of summer, and then next week we promise to bring you more fun Fall appropriate recipes.

The Lillet Spritz is a very easy drink to make.  We shared our story about Lillet with you on our post about the White Negroni.  Lillet is an apertif that is made of blended wines. It has the flavor of white, fruity wines, which makes it perfect for a light spritz drink on a steamy day.

To make the Lillet Spritz you will need a bottle of Lillet, cucumber slices, fresh strawberries, club soda, and a lemon twist. Muddle three cucumber slices and a fresh strawberry in the bottom of a shaker.  Add Lillet.  Shake gently and then double strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.  Top off with club soda and garnish with cucumber, strawberry and lemon twist.  Delish!

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This drink is so easy and is the perfect goodbye to long summer days.  Enjoy one this weekend!


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