Grown-Up Caramel Apple Dippers

You may have noticed that we didn’t write a post last week.  We fully intended to bring you a post that had the most perfect Halloween treats.  However, we had epic fails.  We thought we had two great recipes to share with you, but in the test kitchen things didn’t quite work out as expected. By the time we realized our ideas were not coming together, we had completely lost interest in finding a different idea for a post.  But just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, we did stumble upon an easy, delicious caramel treat to share with you.

Grown Up Caramel Apple Dippers are an easy snack to munch on while waiting for trick-or-treaters to make an appearance or for enjoying on your back deck on a sunny fall day.  This basic recipe can be finished in less than 5 minutes and the ingredients are things you may already have on hand.

There are four ingredients needed for Grown Up Caramel Apple Dippers – caramels, heavy cream, rum and apples.  Place the caramels, cream, and rum in a microwave safe bowl and cook in the microwave for 45 seconds.  Remove from the microwave and stir ingredients together until you have a smooth, and creamy blend.  Slice apples and serve.  That’s it!!

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We ate our dippers with our hands, but you may want to serve the dippers with fondue forks, or tooth picks for easier dipping.  Our hands had caramel all over them, when we were snapping photos for this post.

Side note, we enjoyed our dippers with a crisp Granny Smith apple, but if you are a fan of Bananas Foster, you might want to try dipping a fresh banana into the caramel, too.  Just  saying.

What are you waiting for?  Grab some caramels and start making yourself some dippers today.

Enjoy Halloween.  Stay safe and have fun.


Bananas Foster Coffee Cake

Occasionally we stumble across a recipe that is ah-mazing!  It is so delicious that we can’t wait to tell our Blind Pig readers about it.  This week we are sharing Bananas Foster Coffee Cake with you.  This coffee cake has the delicious flavors of traditional banana bread with a yummy rum sauce to top it off.

It was a huge hit in our household.  It was so delicious that Craig and Piglet #3 were already biting into it before Rhonda had time to take some photos.  We wish that we were the wonderful creators of this recipe, but we cannot take the credit.  We found it in a December 2014 issue of Southern Living Magazine.

The ingredients that you will need for this delicious treat are — ripe bananas, dark rum, brown sugar, softened butter, vanilla extract, cream cheese, eggs, all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, pecans, cinnamon, sugar and heavy cream.

The recipe seems lengthy and a little intimidating at first, don’t get overwhelmed.  This was fairly easy to make and the outcome is a worthwhile trade off.

The original recipe called for more rum sauce, but we felt that it was way too much sauce.  We cut the sauce ingredients in half in our version of the recipe.  Another note about the rum sauce is that you want to drizzle it over the coffee cake while the sauce is warm.  The sauce thickens very quickly and cannot be drizzled after about 15 minutes.  Drizzle while warm!

You can see that the rum sauce becomes thick quickly.

The coffee cake is ready to serve as soon as the sauce is drizzled.  However, it also keeps well if you want to make a day or evening ahead.  We nibbled on ours for several days and it was delicious until the very end.  Bananas Foster Coffee Cake would be a great addition to any brunch, special breakfast or coffee with friends. (Grandma Ruth, this would be great for your coffees with friends!)

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We enjoyed this coffee cake with a latte from our front porch last Sunday.  It was the perfect start to a lazy weekend morning.  Try the recipe soon and let us know what you think.  Better yet, make the recipe, share it with friends and tell them about our blog!




Punt e Mes Sangria

The spicy flavors of fall come bursting through in this yummy Punt e Mes Sangria. You know that we love a good sangria at The Blind Pig Blog, and our newest recipe is definitely moving to the top of the pack.  It is easy, delicious and just the right beverage to serve as you are roasting marshmallows or savoring our Bourbon Pumpkin Dump Cake. Our weather in Texas has been so beautiful lately that we have enjoyed sitting on the back deck, sipping on this delicious sangria.

This recipe is based on our Carpano Antica Sangria which we first shared with you back in July of 2017. The main difference in the two is that we used Punt e Mes instead of Carpano Antica for the vermouth.  Both recipes make excellent sangrias, but the Punt e Mes brings out rich, harvest flavors to savor.

The ingredients that you will need to make Punt e Mes Sangria are: 1 bottle of red wine, grenadine, diet cranberry juice cocktail, simple syrup, Punt e Mes,  and fresh fruits of your choice.  We used apples, pears and plums. Not fans of sweet drinks,  we used a cabernet and diet cranberry juice to cut down on the sweetness.  If you like a sweeter sangria then you may want to use a merlot or other red wine.

Mix everything together and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours prior to serving.  Serve chilled over ice, making sure to add some fruit into the glass for garnish.

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How are you enjoying fall at your house? Rhonda is going to make some Bourbon Pumpkin Dump Cake today.

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Disclaimer:  Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older.  We do not condone underage drinking.  Please, drink responsibly.

Game Changing Octoberfest Chili

Whether you are watching a big football game on television or tailgating in the parking lot, you may be looking for game day food.  We have a winner of a recipe to share with you.  We wish we could claim this recipe as a Blind Pig original, but we found it in an old issue of Southern Living Magazine from 2011.  We have never been great at making chili.  We got by with recipes on the back of the Wick Fowler’s Chili Mix packaging.  It was good enough, but didn’t knock our socks off.  Then we tried this, and the picky Blind Pig Family took notice.

The recipe is simple and can easily be prepped when you get home from work or you can be ahead of the game and prep it early in the day to simmer in a crock pot. Either way, we think the results will score big.

To make this game changing chili you will need: ground chuck, onion, garlic cloves, chili powder, ground cumin, red pepper, paprika, tomato paste, tomato sauce, beef broth, Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer, Bush’s chili beans, a can of green chiles, and Worcestershire sauce.  If it’s not October and you can’t find Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer, you can substitute any dark beer.

First cook the ground chuck, chopped onions and garlic cloves in a dutch oven over medium heat until meat is no longer pink.  Drain the meat and return to the dutch oven.  Add chili powder, cumin, red pepper and paprika.  Cook for a minute. Then add tomato paste, stir well. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for 2 hours.

We garnished our chili with some Mexican blend cheese and sour cream.  We also used the chili to make  a Texas favorite — Frito pie.  For Frito pie you place a handful of Frito corn chips on your plate and cover with chili and shredded cheese.  Either way this recipe was a touchdown in our book.

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We had chili for left overs throughout the week, and there wasn’t a complaint about eating it for an encore. In fact, we think it may have tasted even better the second day.  The recipe is too big for you? This chili is good for freezing and enjoying it on another day.  Octoberfest Chili is a MVP no matter how you look at it.