Bananas Foster Coffee Cake

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Occasionally we stumble across a recipe that is ah-mazing!  It is so delicious that we can’t wait to tell our Blind Pig readers about it.  This week we are sharing Bananas Foster Coffee Cake with you.  This coffee cake has the delicious flavors of traditional banana bread with a yummy rum sauce to top it off.

It was a huge hit in our household.  It was so delicious that Craig and Piglet #3 were already biting into it before Rhonda had time to take some photos.  We wish that we were the wonderful creators of this recipe, but we cannot take the credit.  We found it in a December 2014 issue of Southern Living Magazine.

The ingredients that you will need for this delicious treat are — ripe bananas, dark rum, brown sugar, softened butter, vanilla extract, cream cheese, eggs, all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, pecans, cinnamon, sugar and heavy cream.

The recipe seems lengthy and a little intimidating at first, don’t get overwhelmed.  This was fairly easy to make and the outcome is a worthwhile trade off.

The original recipe called for more rum sauce, but we felt that it was way too much sauce.  We cut the sauce ingredients in half in our version of the recipe.  Another note about the rum sauce is that you want to drizzle it over the coffee cake while the sauce is warm.  The sauce thickens very quickly and cannot be drizzled after about 15 minutes.  Drizzle while warm!

You can see that the rum sauce becomes thick quickly.

The coffee cake is ready to serve as soon as the sauce is drizzled.  However, it also keeps well if you want to make a day or evening ahead.  We nibbled on ours for several days and it was delicious until the very end.  Bananas Foster Coffee Cake would be a great addition to any brunch, special breakfast or coffee with friends. (Grandma Ruth, this would be great for your coffees with friends!)

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We enjoyed this coffee cake with a latte from our front porch last Sunday.  It was the perfect start to a lazy weekend morning.  Try the recipe soon and let us know what you think.  Better yet, make the recipe, share it with friends and tell them about our blog!




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