The World’s Best Selling Classic Cocktails

Drinks International updated its list of 50 of the World’s Best Selling Classic Cocktails, and we couldn’t help but notice that we have shared recipes for many of the drinks that made it onto the list.  These unprecedented times have spurred many individuals to learn to make some delicious drinks at home that they used to enjoy at their corner bar or favorite restaurant. Let’s take a look and see what cocktails rank at the top of your list and ours.

#38 Tommy’s Margarita:  Although we don’t call ours Tommy’s Margarita, our Skinny Agave Margarita is very close to the same recipe.  We can’t enjoy a margarita prepared any other way!

#22 Paloma: This refreshing tequila beverage is a favorite of ours, especially during the summer months.

#21 French 75: We shared this eloquent cocktail with you during the last World Cup.  Like a beautiful string of pearls it is classic and never goes out of style.

#18 Boulevardier: Since the roaring 20’s this has been a classic cocktail that is enjoyed by many.  Our past post has directions for making a barrel aged version or a single serve cocktail.

#15 Dark and Stormy: Want a classic cocktail that is easy to fix and easy to drink? With basically two easy ingredients, the Dark and Stormy may be the cocktail for you.

#11 Bloody Mary: This is the cocktail choice of breakfasts and brunches everywhere.  Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary with over the top garnishes?

#10 Mojito: We have two different mojitos to share with you.  We have the classic mojito made with rum and simple syrup, and we also have an Italian mojito made with Branca Menta.  You chose!

#9 Aperol Spritz: One of Rhonda’s favorites, the Aperol Spritz has just the right amount of bitter with the perfect amount of fizz.

#8 Manhattan: The Manhattan is Craig’s classic cocktail of choice.  You can never go wrong with a well made Manhattan.

#6 Espresso Martini:  Last week’s post was a huge hit.  The Espresso Martini has recently jumped to the top of the best selling cocktails.  Make it with Caffe’ Borghetti, which is the only espresso liqueur that is made from real espresso coffee beans.

#5 Margarita:  Shocked?  We aren’t. All restaurants and bars have a classic marg on the menu.  We have several variations of this extremely popular drink.

#4 Dry Martini:  Although the martini isn’t at the top of our love list,  we can’t deny it is popular.  We shared a post about this with you during quarantine.

#3 Daiquiri: We are not fans of overtly sweet cocktails, but apparently the daiquiri has never lost its spot near the top of the popularity poles. Our Menta Daiquiri focuses more on the Menta and less on the sugar.

#2 Negroni: Another one of Craig’s favs, this alcohol forward drink is quite satisfying. Our version is an all Italian cocktail with Italian gin.

#1 The Old Fashioned:  Apparently the World’s Best Selling Cocktail is not as out of fashion as its name may suggest.  Our recipe is a Rose Old Fashioned try it out and enjoy!

Choose your number. Which classic ranks at the top of your list?


Disclaimer: Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older. We do not condone underage drinking.  Drink responsibly.

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