Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung at The Blind Pig household.  You may have noticed that we have missed posting a few weekends here and there.  We are in full spring mode.  Craig and I have been working in the yard. This weekend was prom for Piglet #3 and soon we will be focusing on graduation.  We will try to keep posting, but if we don’t, I am sure you will understand!

This weekend we wanted to take a look back down memory lane and remind you of some delicious cocktails that are perfect for sipping on a porch or patio of your choice.  These cocktails are light, springy and fresh with little alcohol content.  Pick out one for the next time you relax on your patio.

Mint Highball

This drink is so easy to make.  It’s crisp and fresh.  Great for a quick afternoon cocktail.

Day Drinking

Rhonda just made this last week for some girlfriends.  It is low in alcohol and just like it’s name suggests — perfect for a daytime cocktail.

Saturday in the Park

Who doesn’t want to have a little sunshine on a Saturday afternoon?

Savannah Special

Yummy, fizzy and refreshing.  Perfect for a crowd.

Double Thyme

The fresh addition of thyme makes this as delicious to smell as to sip.

Branca Collins

This herbally cocktail is a perfect patio pounder.  We enjoy this often for Friday Patio Happy Hours.

Cucumber Gin Spritz

What is more refreshing than a little cucumber in your beverage?  This is fresh with some fizz.

What are your favorite springtime libations?  We would love to know.




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