One Piggy, Two Piggy, Three!

We are headed off to Colorado for the weekend to visit with family and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Instead of sharing a new recipe with you this week, we wanted to tell you about our new rating system for our recipes on the blog.

Through the four years that we have embarked on this Blind Pig Blog journey, we have collected and developed a large cache of recipes.  Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to scroll through the list and find exactly what may fit your needs at the time. (We get it.)  Last year we split the recipes into the various categories of: I Can Fix a Drink, Oh Sweet StuffYes Please, Recipes and I Knead It.  We hope that was helpful when you were perusing our site.  Now we are going one snout further by adding in our personal rating system. 

To help our readers find the best Blind Pig Blog recipes in a crunch, we devised a rating system for our curated recipes.  Although we think all of our recipes are pretty great, we acknowledge that some far surpass others.  Our system is based on ease of the recipe, taste and crowd pleasing appeal.

No rating is a recipe that we endorse, but does not stand out.

🐷 = noteworthy recipe

🐷🐷 = Blind Pig favorite

🐷🐷🐷 = Pig out on this recipe

We hope that you enjoy using our new system.  We would love to have your input, as well.  Think we underestimated a recipe? Let us know.  A recipe makes it into your entertaining rotation?  We’d love to hear about it. Check out our recipe pages and see if you agree with our rating system.



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