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How is your summer going?  The Blind Pig Family has been packing in all of the fun in the sun that we can.  We just returned from a fabulous trip to Puerto Rico where we spent time on the beach, hiked through the rain forest, ziplined down the side of a mountain, kayaked through the bio bay, privately toured the governor’s mansion and more. This post is a combo trip report and a spotlight on an often overlooked, but timeless cocktail – The Pina Colada.

For 3/5 of our family, it was the first trip to Puerto Rico.  Craig and Piglet #1 had been to PR previously for business.  After our trip, we will most likely never go back to Mexico for a vacation again.  We were so pleased with the island, the amenities and the relative ease of getting there. (The flight was only about 4 – 4.5 hours direct, which is not bad for a tropical paradise.)  The beaches were beautiful and pristine and unlike beaches we have been to in other parts of the US and Mexico.  It nearly felt like we had a private beach the whole week.

Old San Juan was quaint and felt like we were walking down a street in Europe. It was a little muggy the day we strolled the streets.  We had other items on our agenda, but if we go back we would like to spend more time walking the streets and taking it in.  The Governor’s mansion was beautiful and rich with colonial Spanish architecture and history.

While in San Juan we visited Ron del Barrilito, which is the oldest rum distillery in San Juan.  Although it is no longer owned by the original family, this distillery has a long family tradition and story. We highly recommend adding this to your itinerary if you visit.  The employees were friendly and welcoming and the Pina Colada we ordered at the end of the tour was the best we’ve ever had!


Another highlight of the trip was hiking through the El Yunque Rainforest , which is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Parks system. We drove an hour and a half into the mountains one morning to experience the mile long zipline at Toro Verde zipline park. If you are not afraid of heights, you must give this zipline a try.  You barrel down the side of the mountain head first in a hammock-like sling. If you watch Jimmy Fallon, he gave The Monster at Toro Verde a try. Everyone in our party loved it!

For more information on where to visit if you plan a trip to PR, we recommend visiting the Discover Puerto Rico website.

As promised, we are highlighting a delicious Pina Colada recipe that you can make at home.  Pina Coladas were invented in the Puerto Rico, which is also known as the rum capital of the world.  The original Pina Coladas were served on the rocks, so we stuck with tradition and are sharing that recipe with you.

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Where did you go this summer? Do you prefer vacations or trips?  We would love to hear about your adventures.


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