Ideas for Your Easter Brunch Every Bunny Will Love

Oh friends!  We have been buuuuusy this week.  It is amazing that we even have time to get this post written and sent off.  Soccer has been ruling our lives this week with games rearranged because of storms, games in the wind, driving back and forth!  But it is Easter weekend and we have several items on The Blind Pig that would be perfect for your holiday breakfast or brunch.

Day DrinkingWe shared this drink with you last week. It is made with Carpano Bianco and grapefruit soda.  It is low in alcohol content and would be a great addition to an Easter brunch.

Cucumber Gin SpritzThis cocktail is also light and would be a refreshing addition to any morning gathering.

Gold Medal Coffee

Of course this would be perfect for the coffee drinkers in your entourage.

Mateo’s Bloody MaryThis easy to make Bloody Mary compliments nicely with bacon and egg dishes.

Rosa SpritzAny spritz is a winner for brunch in our book.

Christmas Morning BreadAlthough we showed you this bread at Christmas, it would make a delicious choice for Easter, as well.

Kerrygold Cinnamon RollsThese rolls are a little time consuming, but well worth the effort.

Kerrygold French ToastYummo!  Enough said.

Wow WafflesWe shared these delightful fluffy waffles with you a few posts back.  Remember, you can also use this recipe for pancakes!

We wish you and your family the best this Easter.  We have some other great posts to share with you in the next few weeks!

Disclaimer: Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older. We do not condone underage drinking and never drink and drive.

Day Drinking

Hi Friends, sorry we are getting this post out to you a little late this week.  Our lives have been a bit of a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. On Friday we made a bee-line trip down I-35 to Austin to see Blind Piglet #2 play in high school soccer playoffs. Then we sped back home because we are hosting two soccer players from South Africa in our home for the week of Dallas Cup— not to mention jobs, groceries, and everything else that needs to be accomplished.

Our concoction that we have to share with you this week was found by Craig and we think that you will really like it.  It is light.  It is lo-cal.  It is springy.  It is the perfect beverage for a little Day Drinking.

Keeping with our mantra of easy, tasty, and fresh, you will see that this drink has all three.  It’s easy– only two simple ingredients– Carpano Bianco and Q Spectactular Grapefruit Soda.  That’s it! (No shaker, no mixing, just pour!)  It’s fresh.  Pour in the Carpano Bianco, top off with the grapefruit soda, and add a little bit of cucumber for garnish and freshness.  It’s tasty– so light and refreshing, you will see why  at just 184 calories it’s the perfect daytime drink.

Carpano Bianco is new to The Blind Pig, so we want to give you a little background info. It is a vermouth produced in Italy from Trebbiano, Chardonnay, and Cortese grapes, which gives it its light refreshing white wine flavor. Although the grapes are its base, the formula is a secret family recipe passed down through generations.  Lucky for us!  Gotta love those family secrets. 😉

We’ve shared Q drinks with you in some of our other posts like Soup of the Day: Gin and Tonic and Salud Mexico!  We love Q drinks for their quality and taste – not to mention their little 7.5 fluid ounce can is just perfect for one serving of Day Drinking.

This drink is the perfect beverage for sitting on a patio on a spring or summer afternoon just soaking in the sun.  Its light, refreshing, and with just a hint of cucumber is a delicious way to relax. Not to mention with its light pink hue is quite pretty as well!  What more could you want in a drink? Fresh, beautiful and light!  We could see this drink  served at a Mother’s Day Brunch, a Bridal Shower or even served next week after your Easter meal.

Weather forecast this weeks calls for some beautiful sunshine and some lovely temps.  Maybe this week is a good week for a little Day Drinking?

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Disclaimer: Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older. We do not condone underage drinking, and never drink and drive.