Fresh Summer Cocktail

We know that we have been absent for a few weeks.  We’ve had a variety of things going on and haven’t been able to post.  You may know that Piglet #3 is a senior in high school and will be graduating at the end of this week.  We’ve had several special events that pertain to the end of high school and the end of the school year that have diverted our attention from the blog.  Since he’s our last piglet, we know that we can’t get these days back.  Our Blind Pig readers are the best and understand our priorities.

To break our radio silence, we are sharing twist on one of our refreshing cocktails that we posted last summer on Father’s Day weekend.  You may remember the Fernet Branca Collins with its zesty herbal flavor and light lemon fizz.  If you live in the Dallas area, you can get a Fernet Collins at Northern Italia, Billy Can Can and Numero 28.

Our twist is a simple ingredient substitution where you substitute Branca Menta for Fernet Branca.  The Branca Menta Collins is a little sweeter than the original recipe and has a yummy mint flavor.  Both cocktails are delicious and very refreshing. Both are perfect summer sippers.

To mix up this refreshing drink you will need Branca Menta, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda. Pop in a sprig of fresh mint and a slice of lemon for garnish and enjoy!

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Try out the Branca Menta Collins this week and let us know what you think!


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Keep Warm with a Fernet Hot Chocolate

It’s snowing in Dallas, Texas today!  To our Northern friends, this snow was beautiful, yet brief.  As we were running errands today and the beautiful, big, fluffy snowflakes were falling, we realized why Southerners love snow.  What Southerners know of snow is glorious, large flakes that float through the air and rest on your shoulders briefly and then disappear into a mini puddle. What isn’t there to like about that kind of snow?  There is no hassle, no stress, no change to your normal routines.

We had planned to share a different cocktail with you to start your 2021 off on the right foot, but our research and development team, a.k.a. Craig, did not make sure we had the appropriate supplies on hand.  Fate saved us with the snow, which found us more in the mood for a comforting cup of hot cocoa instead.

We shared three great hot chocolate recipes with you in the past during the 3 Hot Chocolates with a Twist post.  Today we are sharing a Fernet Hot Chocolate.  This drink is simple as pie and can be made on the spot.  Choose your favorite hot cocoa recipe.  (We made ours with cocoa from the Kerig.) Then add an ounce of fernet.  Top off with marshmallows or whipped cream, and sprinkle some shaved chocolate.  Yumm-o!  Rhonda was supposed to share hers with Craig and accidentally drank the whole mug! Oops!

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Grab that bottle of Fernet out of the cabinet, pour some in your hot chocolate, light the fireplace and relax with a good book.  I think we all need to pamper ourselves a bit after this week, don’t you?


Disclaimer:  Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older.  We do not condone underage drinking.  Drink responsibly.

Celebrate Father’s Day with a Fernet Branca Collins

Looking for a cocktail to help dad feel special on his important day?  The Fernet Branca Collins is a perfect cocktail to mix up for dad.

This new twist on the traditional Tom Collins replaces the gin with Fernet Branca.   The herbal flavors of Fernet Branca paired with the citrus sweetness of lemon makes for a delicious summertime cocktail sipper for the patio or golf cart.

We’ve shared posts with you previously with Fernet Branca, such as,  the La Branca, Fernet and Coke, and the Fernet Hot Toddy (one of Rhonda’s favs).  You may remember that Fernet Branca is low in alcohol and high in flavor. Since Fernet Branca is one of Craig’s favorite amaros, we thought it was a perfect time to share the Fernet Branca Collins with you.

To make the Fernet Branca Collins you will need Fernet Branca, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda.

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Like most of our recipes, this is easy, tasty and fresh!  Mix one up today for dad (or mom) and let us know what you think.

Cheers to our Blind Pig Dad, Craig,  who we couldn’t imagine our world without! The piglets and I love you very much!

To all of the dads that come in many shapes and forms.  You are appreciated and you are loved!  Have an awesome Father’s Day!


Disclaimer:  Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older.  We do not condone underage drinking.  Drink responsibly.

May Bonus Post: La Branca

Hey friends!  We are back with a bonus post for the month of May.  This post is kicking off a summer series of posts that we have aptly named: Umbrella Worthy.  Throughout the summer we are going to feature some drinks that we think are the ultimate sipping by the pool -floating on the boat – soaking it up in the sun at the beach drinks.

There are many different stories about the origins of the cute little paper umbrella that we love in our summer sippers.  Google states that cocktail umbrellas were originally designed to keep sun off the ice and hence slow the melting process. Other stories accredit a famous bartender, Henry Ye, from the famed Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel bar, for being the first to use paper umbrellas in his cocktails.  Yet another story states that using paper umbrellas to garnish food became a craze after the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.  Apparently the fair had a Chinese village that adorned food with paper umbrellas and the fad quickly caught on. (Imbibe Magazine, July/August 2018)  Whoever was first, it was a great idea that still makes beverages taste a little better and helps us all feel like we can sit back, relax, and just soak in life!


Our Umbrella Worthy drink of the month is the La Branca.  This yummy summer beverage is made with tequila, Fernet Branca, lime juice and ginger beer.  You may be thinking that the Fernet is a bit strong for you.  However, you loved Fernet in our yummy hot toddy.  Rhonda was skeptical, as well.  However, the tequila and the sweetness of the ginger beer soften the Fernet a lot.  You get to enjoy the herbally flavor of the Fernet without the overbearing taste.  Seriously!  Rhonda gave this cocktail 2 thumbs up.

Place an ounce of tequila, an ounce of Fernet Branca, and half ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 30 seconds.

Pour into margarita glass.  Top off with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge and umbrella!

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The La Branca is smooth, refreshing, and a different twist than most summertime drinks. Try this Umbrella Worthy drink this weekend!



Brrrr It’s Cold Outside….Have a Hot Toddy

When you think of winter you may think of snow, hot chocolate, and cold weather. Last week we shared our Snowed In cocktail with you as an ode to winter.  (How are you doing, friends in the Midwest?)  Sometimes winter isn’t so great.  It also brings with it cold and flu season, so this week want to share with you our Fernet Hot Toddy recipe.

fernet hot toddy

Have you tried a hot toddy before?  If not, this drink is a great drink to have when you feel like you are coming down with a cold or have a sore throat.  It is referred to as a popular home remedy for cold symptoms.  The hot liquid is very soothing to sore throats and honey is believed to have anti-bacterial properties.  We have shared Fernet Branca with you in our post Fernet About It.  Fernet Branca is an amaro that is made with 40 different herbs and spices.  Fernet was originally marketed as an herbal remedy, and when you sip our Fernet Hot Toddy you will understand why.  When we feel a cold coming on, we typically have a hot toddy before bed.  It is especially helpful when we get that weird tickle in the back of our throat.  The Fernet Hot Toddy creates a warm sensation on your insides that is comforting and relaxing.  However, you don’t have to be feeling ill to enjoy a Fernet Hot Toddy.  It is a wonderful beverage to enjoy on any cold dark winter night.

hot toddy1

There are many hot toddy recipes out there, but we prefer the Fernet Hot Toddy.  It has a wonderful herbal aroma and is a mix of interesting flavors.  To make the Fernet Hot Toddy you will need, rye whiskey (We used Templeton Rye.), Fernet Branca, tea, Angostura bitters, maple syrup, lemon, maple syrup and an orange slice and rosemary sprig for garnish. Brew your choice of tea, add the other ingredients and garnish.  Sip steaming warm wrapped up in your favorite blanket by a warm fire.

hot toddy3

You can substitute the maple syrup with honey or agave nectar.  We made ours with both maple syrup and honey.  Honey has properties that help soothe sore throats and may even fight bacteria. You may need to decide which flavor you like better.

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Try out the Fernet Hot Toddy this weekend, and let us know what you think!

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Look for our January bonus post coming sometime this week.


Disclaimer:  Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older. We do not condone underage drinking, and never drink and drive.

June Bonus Post: Fernet About It!

It’s time for another Blind Pig Blog bonus post.  We continue our series to celebrate The World Cup by raising our glass to the country of Argentina.  Argentina is known for its amazing soccer teams and one of the world’s most beloved and famous players — Lionel Messi.

While watching The Cup, we drink as the Argentinians do by sipping on a Fernet and Coke, which has been rumored to be one of Messi’s favs!

Fernet Branca is an all natural aromatic bitter or amaro.  Its highly herbal aroma and flavor comes from over 40 herbs, spices and roots which are gathered from 4 continents. Aloe ferox, chamomile, angelica, and saffron are just a few of the herbs and spices that make this unusual bitter. The original recipe was created in Italy in 1845, by Bernardino Branca and the family recipe is still a closely guarded secret to this day.

fernet spices

Bartenders and mixologists love Fernet.  It is so popular within the service industry that it is called “The Bartender’s Handshake.”  If you offer to do a shot of Fernet with the bartender, you will be fast friends.

fernet branca and coke1

The Argentinians love to drink a splash of Fernet with their Coca-Cola.  In fact, they like it so much that Fernet Branca built its only distillery outside of Milan in Argentina.   The strong flavor of the Fernet with its medicinal taste is not for everyone, but it is a taste that one can acquire.  The sweetness of Coke or Diet Coke definitely helps.

fernet branca and coke2

To make a Fernet and Coke you fill a rocks glass with ice.  Add an ounce and half of Fernet Branca.  Top off the glass with Coke and enjoy.

Watching the World Cup this week?  Craig will definitely be watching and sipping on his favorite spirit — Fernet Branca. Give a Fernet and Coke a try and let us know what you think!


Disclaimer:  The beverage on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older. We do not condone underage drinking, and never drink and drive.