A Cocktail Fit for Cupid

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  What are your plans for the big day or did you already celebrate this weekend?  We are spending our evening in with a nice dinner and, of course, a few delicious cocktails.  Speaking of cocktails, we have an easy Cosmotini cocktail that you can share with your sweetheart.  This cocktail is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Cosmotini is not sweet, so it pairs nicely with a rich dessert or creamy  chocolate.

Rhonda has been a fan of a Cosmopolitan for years, so when we found this recipe we thought it was a great fit for those who like a Cosmo, but favor a more traditional martini. Because it is based on the traditional martini, it is more alcohol forward than a Cosmo. This one is a sipper!

The Cosmotini is made with vodka, cranberry juice, Carpano Dry vermouth, and lime for garnish.

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Sweets for the Sweet– Raspberry Red Velvet Cake Balls

We continue our red theme this week one day prior to Valentine’s Day with a delicious sweet treat that will make any of your sweethearts feel loved. We concocted a little Blind Pig twist on the fan favorite of red velvet cake by making it into cake balls spiked with a little bit of black raspberry liqueur — Chambord.

Chambord is a blackberry and raspberry liqueur which is produced in the Loire Valley of France.  It comes in a beautiful spherical bottle with golden accents.  We have known about Chambord for years and used it here and there — mostly in swirl margaritas.  This is the first time we have featured it in a recipe on The Blind Pig Blog and boy are we delighted with how the recipe turned out!   The velvety flavor of the Chambord paired perfectly with the rich taste of the red velvet cake.  We decided to make our treats into little heart shaped cake balls for a fun Valentine’s Day treat.  However, we can see that this recipe would make a divine dessert for a special occasion.

Here’s how we made Raspberry Red Velvet Cake Balls. Cake balls are not difficult to make, but it is best to plan ahead.  The process can be spread out over two days by making the cake ball mixture a day ahead and forming the cake balls the second day. We used a base red velvet cake recipe.  We chose to make our cake from scratch and used the recipe from Live Well Bake Often.  You could take a short cut and use a red velvet cake mix — no judgement here.  We mixed the cake according to the directions, however, we did make a minor adjustment.  Instead of adding 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, we added 1 ounce of Chambord.  We placed our cake batter into a 9 x 13 inch rectangular baking pan.  Since we were not making a two layer cake and we increased the alcohol from 2 teaspoons to 1 ounce, we had to increase the baking time from 28-32 minutes up to 45 minutes.

After baking the cake, we let the cake cool for about 20-30 minutes.  Then we cut the cake out of the pan and crumbled the cake into fine crumbs in a large mixing bowl.  Make sure to check if there are hard crusty sections around the edge of the cake, you don’t want to include these pieces in your cake ball mixture.

Next add a container of chocolate frosting to the bowl of cake crumbs.  Mix together well until the frosting is evenly distributed throughout the cake crumbs.  Place in the refrigerator to chill for an hour or two.

After your cake ball mixture has chilled, start molding the cake balls. Since we made our cake balls for Valentine’s Day,  we used a heart mold that we found at our local Hobby Lobby.   Cookie cutters can also be used to mold cake ball shapes or roll your own little cake balls.  Don’t forget our special trick of spraying hands or tools with cooking spray prior to forming the cake balls.  You will be glad you did this!

Place the formed cake balls on a tray lined with parchment paper and place in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes to an hour.  Remove the cake balls from the refrigerator.  We had two trays, so we left one tray in the refrigerator to stay chilled while we worked with the first tray.

Melt the candy coating for the outer layer of the cake balls.  We have used a variety of ingredients in the past, like chocolate chips and almond bark.  This time we used the candy coating wafers that can be purchased at most craft stores and cake decorating supply stores. We always melt our coating in a glass microwaveable dish.  The important thing is to start slow and not over cook your coating.  If you over cook the coating, you will have to throw it out and start over.  We melt ours in short little 15 second bursts. Remove the coating. Stir. Cook for another 15 second burst, and repeat until the coating is smooth and creamy.  Melting the coating in two separate batches keeps the coating fresh.  It also helps to ease the pressure of working quickly.

Dip the cake balls into the coating one at a time.  We use a spoon to scoop out the cake ball.  Let the spoon and cake ball drip over the bowl of coating for a few seconds while excess coating drips off.  Place on parchment paper to cool.  We added some sprinkles to some of our cake balls.  Make sure to sprinkle while the coating has not fully cooled. After dipping all the cake balls, place them in a refrigerator until ready to serve.

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The weather forecast looks like many of us will be spending our Valentine’s Day inside where it is warm and cozy.  What could be better than making Raspberry Red Velvet Cake Balls with those you love the most?

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Hugs and Kisses for the Raspberry Mojito

Valentine’s Day is just days away.  You might have big intentions for your sweetie,  you might be keeping it low key, or perhaps you have a big Gal-entine’s Day celebration on the horizon.  No matter how your Valentine’s Day works out, we have a great little cocktail to share with you — The Raspberry Mojito.  This cocktail hits all of The Blind Pig’s major requirements.  It’s easy to make. It’s very tasty, and the raspberries and mint give it a punch of fresh.

We start with easy ingredients which are on hand in most liquor and grocery stores this time of year.  You will need a package of fresh raspberries, mint leaves, lime juice, cocktail-ready agave nectar, white rum, and Prosecco.  Strawberries are usually a popular berry around Valentine’s Day. However, we liked that the raspberries still give the drink a pretty pinkish color, but were a little different than the traditional fare.  The Prosecco gives it a touch of romance.  Guys, this is a great way to have a little bubbly, but show you made some extra effort to make a cocktail special for your sweetheart. Wink. Wink.

Place 6 ounces of raspberries in the bottom of a shaker and muddle along with the lime juice, agave nectar, and mint leaves.  Double strain into a wine glass.  Pour rum into the glass. Top off with Prosecco and add ice. Garnish with a stem of mint leaves and several raspberries.  What a lovely drink.

If you are viewing this post via email, visit us at www.theblindpig.blog for a printable version of The Raspberry Mojito.

How will show your love or friendship this Valentine’s Day?  We’d love to hear about it.

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February Bonus Post: Love You More Cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s time for our February Bonus Post, and this month we are sharing a great treat you can make for the loves of your life.  Love You More Cookies combine the sweet taste of sugar cookies with a the chocolate flavor of Kerrygold Irish  Cream.

It’s a delicious combination that will make anyone you share these cookies with loving the cookies and wanting more!  Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of the 8 teenage boys who were at our house while Rhonda was baking and they will tell you how quickly the cookies disappeared.

To make these cookies we used an old handed down sugar cookie recipe.  This is the same recipe that we use during the holidays to make Christmas cookies.  To enhance the flavor of the cookies we added an ounce of Kerrygold Irish Cream to the mix.  The added Kerrygold  gives the cookies a little extra flavor.  Now that we’ve tweaked our recipe, we are forever changed!

While prepping  our holiday gift baskets, we found this Color Flood Mix at Hobby Lobby.  Rhonda had always wanted to try to make royal icing, so she decided to try this mix.  The Color Flood Mix was very easy to use, and created a professional looking iced cookie. (Some friends thought that we had purchased professional cookies for our goodie basket… just sayin’.)  We used our color flood mix again for our Love You More Cookies enhanced with 1/2 ounce of Kerrygold Irish Cream. Yummo!

If you are viewing this post via email.  Make sure to click on this link, so you can view the post on our blog and download the sugar cookie recipe.

With a little Kerrygold Irish Cream added to the mix these cookies will make anyone feel the love.

Whether you share your love with our special cookies or in another way.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day and spread a little extra cheer in someone’s day.  If you receive roses from your love this week, don’t throw out those roses when they start to fade.  We have a great cocktail recipe you can make with those withered roses!  Stay tuned.

February series:  Roses Are Red…

Rosa Spritz

You Say Tomato… We Say Bloody Mary

The Love Triangle


100th Post! Rosa Spritz

Rosa Spritz picThis week’s post is TBPBlog’s 100th Post!  We are celebrating our special post with a continuation of our February series “Roses are Red…”, and a toast of a little bubbly with a delicious rosa twist.

The Rosa Spritz is the perfect cocktail for February.  We’ve had this idea for quite some time, but we wanted to save this cocktail for a special post. With “love in the air” and reaching our 100th post, we thought this was the ideal moment. Want to surprise your sweetheart with a unique cocktail that shows just how much you value her love?  The Rosa Spritz is just what you need.

rosa spritz1

The main ingredient in the Rosa Spritz is Malfy Gin Rosa.  We’ve shared Rosa’s sisters with you in past posts like, A Spritz of Spring, and Jingle Gin Punch.  The Malfy Rosa: Sicilian Pink Grapefruit Gin has a hint of grapefruit flavor with a beautiful blush rose’ color.  The combination of the Malfy Rosa and some bubbling prosecco makes for a beautiful romantic cocktail to serve your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

rosa spritz2

Making the Rosa Spritz is so easy.  You need only 1.5 ounces of Malfy Rosa.  Top off with chilled prosecco and garnish with a wedge of grapefruit or a rose petal.

When we first started The Blind Pig Blog, we wondered if we could find enough ideas to reach out to our readers each week with a new recipe or idea to share.  Now upon reaching the century mark, it is evident that not only do we have enough ideas, but the more ideas we generate, the more that we uncover.  Thank you for taking the time to reach out, comment, share, recruit other readers, and for all of your support of our tiny corner of the internet!  Cheers!

rosa spritz


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You Say Tomato… We Say Bloody Mary

bloody mary

Hello friends!  We hope our friends in the North and the Midwest are able to thaw out enough to enjoy today’s post. We would like to take credit for the catchy title, but we borrowed it from Mudpie.  They have the cutest Bloody Mary pitcher! This week is our first post for the month of February and we are kicking off a February series called Roses are Red…  In this series we will be featuring drink and recipe ideas that speak to our “hearts” in some way.

This week we are featuring a drink idea that we have had for awhile, but couldn’t find the right place and time to share it with you.  Now, at first you may think that Bloody Mary’s are not very romantic, but we beg to differ.  Ladies, this is the perfect beverage to make for your honey when you make him breakfast in bread or Valentine’s brunch.  Men, surprise her with breakfast and a nice cocktail to start off her Saturday or Sunday.

bloody mary 2 (2)

We have been fans of  Mateo’s Salsa for the last few years.  Mateo’s Salsa is made near us in Frisco, Texas. It is authentic and fresh tasting salsa, similar to salsa you would have at an authentic Mexican restaurant.  Once you try their salsa, you will never again go back to Pace.  No way!  So one day as Rhonda was shopping at Kroger, she noticed Mateo’s also had Bloody Mary mix.  Knowing the quality of their salsa, we decided to venture out and see what their Bloody Mary mix was like.  We are happy to report that their mix is very spicy, tasty and fresh.  It is perfect for an instant breakfast, brunch or anytime you feel like a Bloody Mary!  Mateo’s Salsa and Bloody Mary mix can be found at Kroger, Costco, Price Chopper, Hy-Vee, and Schnuck’s and many more fine retailers.

bloody mary 2

Here’s how to make this delicious Bloody Mary.  First rim your glass with some salt and pepper rim mix.

bloody mary 1

Next add two ounces of vodka to a glass filled with ice.  Bloody Mary’s are best served cold.

bloody mary 6

Fill the glass with Mateo’s Bloody Mary Mix.

bloody mary 4

Now for the fun part!  The best part about Bloody Mary’s is the garnishes.  In the realm of Bloody Mary’s, the crazier the better.  If you are having guests it is fun to set up a Bloody Mary bar where guests can enhance and garnish their own drinks.  You could even have a garnishing contest!

bloody mary 6 (1)

Here are some suggested garnishes to have on hand: celery stalks, stuffed olives, peppers, cherry tomatoes, bacon, chunks of cheese, pickled asparagus, mini dill pickles, pickled baby corns, pickled asparagus, jalapeno peppers, shrimp,sliders, let your imagination run wild!

bloody mary 7

Are Bloody Mary’s your thing?  Would you prep these for you honey as a Valentine’s Day surprise?  Let us know.  We would love to hear about it!

Make sure to join us next week for our 100th post on The Blind Pig Blog!


Disclaimer:  Beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years of age and older. We do not condone underage drinking, and never drink and drive.

Bonus Post: The Love Triangle

the love triangleHey friends, we are bringing you a bonus post this week. The idea of a bonus post was suggested by Rhonda’s friend, Melissa J.  Since there is so much going on — Olympics, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras, we decided to try it out .


In this post we are sharing a lovely drink that was invented by Rhonda.  Any similarities between this drink and others is purely coincidental.   Because we are releasing this drink idea so close to Valentine’s Day, we lovingly named it The Love Triangle.  We took advantage of garnishing it with heart shaped ice cubes.  However, this drink may not just be a weekend fling.  You may want to keep this sweetheart around for the whole year.


The Love Triangle is made with a trio of main ingredients: vodka, pomegranate juice and diet ginger ale. (Thus “love triangle”…)  However, your heart won’t be pulled in three directions when you see how many calories are in this cocktail.  Only 88!  Yep, 88 little tiny calories.

So let’s get down to business.  How is this drink made?


Pour one ounce of vodka, one ounce of pomegranate juice and juice from half of a lime in a rocks glass.  Add ice.  Top off with ginger ale and stir.

After one sweet sip of this drink, you will be torn.  Do you prefer the seductive taste of pomegranate?  Is it the bubbly ginger ale that has you giddy?  Or the smooth taste of the vodka that melts your heart?  You decide.

Do you want this recipe in a printable format?  Visit our website and click on the print button.

We hope you loved our bonus post for the month of February.  We appreciate any feedback you have, and our hearts go out to you even more if you  subscribe to our blog and follow us on pinterest and instagram.  Now go hug someone you love!