Holiday Aperol Spritz

How are your holiday preparations coming along?  Since we were out of town so much the past two weeks with Piglet sports (Bucket List Adventure), we feel like we are still playing catch up.  We finally finished putting up the Christmas decorations last night.  (We know… this is way behind schedule for the Blind Pig Household.)  However, Craig got the outside lights up and looking festive and Rhonda finally finished the inside.  Now we can concentrate on entertaining, baking and shopping. Gish!

This week we have a delicious little cocktail just right for spreading holiday cheer.  This cocktail is light and refreshing. If you have been around our little blog for very long, you are well aware that Rhonda has an affinity for anything titled spritz — especially if there is a little Prosecco involved.  This cocktail is festive without the feeling of weighing you down like a heavier or cocktail or a glass of wine.  In fact, Rhonda is having a little soiree with some friends this week and plans on serving it to her friends.

Aperol, cranberry juice cocktail (we used sugar-free), grapefruit juice, Prosecco, a slice of orange, a handful of fresh cranberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary are all you need to create this spectacular cocktail.

Pour the Aperol, cranberry juice and  grapefruit juice in a rocks glass filled with ice.  Stir together. Top off with Prosecco and garnish with cranberries, orange slice and rosemary sprig.

If you are viewing this post via email, visit us as for a complete printable recipe of Holiday Aperol Spritz.

Try the Holiday Aperol Spritz for your next holiday festivities, and see how your guests like it!  Do you have all of your holiday decorations complete?  What part of your decorating is your favorite?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.



Berry and Bright: Cranberry Rum Slush

Hi friends! We have been busy getting ready for Christmas and keeping up with our kids’ sports.  Our daughter is home from college and our house feels like grand central station, but we wouldn’t change a thing. We managed to squeeze in a fun brunch at Whiskey Cake on Sunday.  We sat at the bar and watched the bartenders make drinks.  We are easily entertained.

cranberry rum slush3

Today we want to share a drink with you that we adapted from our cookbook, For Goodness Taste by the Junior League of Rochester. This is the same cookbook that we found the recipe for PBIF Pie, so you know this is going to be good!

The Cranberry Rum Slush is a great beverage to serve for a holiday get together or on Christmas Eve.  It might seem weird that we are recommending a slush drink for a winter holiday.  The flavor of the rum gives this sweet drink a warm finish, and the color makes for a festive appearance.

cranberry rum slush1

The ingredient list is very simple.  You will need a can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate, rum, Rose’s lime juice, and fresh lime juice.  We had never purchased Rose’s lime juice before, but we easily found it at Kroger on the wine aisle near the Grenadine.  The original recipe also called for adding a little bit of sugar, but we think the drink is plenty sweet without it.  If you don’t like drinks that are too sweet or if you are just watching your calorie intake, you may be able to forgo Rose’s lime juice which is a lime flavored sweetener.  We find that when you use a high quality rum, such as Zaya Rum,  that you don’t need added sugars.

cranberry rum slush2

Cranberry Rum Slush

  • 1 can twelve ounces of frozen cranberry juice concentrate
  • 6 ounces of Zaya Rum
  • 1 ounce Rose’s lime juice
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until very smooth.  Add ice and blend to a slush.

cranberry rum slush4

We hope that you will enjoy serving this festive drink at your holiday gatherings.  We have more beverage and gift ideas that we want to share with you before the holidays.  You may be seeing some extra posts in your mailbox this week.  Enjoy your last week to shop before Christmas!