Blackberry Kiwi Mocktail

For those of you who are still sticking to your diets and your healthy resolutions, we’re bringing back another mocktail this week: Blackberry Kiwi Mocktail.  This yummy little mocktail is a light, refreshing, fun drink to serve anytime of the year.  The fresh zest of blackberries, kiwi and mint flavors are a perfect combination for a little pick me up.

To make the spritzer you will need to plan ahead a bit by making some mint simple syrup. You are going to follow our simple syrup recipe, as usual.  After cooling the syrup, place 4-5 mint leaves in the syrup to infuse over night.  We make ours ahead of time and keep on hand in the fridge, so we are ready to add it to our favorite cocktails.  Don’t forget that we have a Stevia version of simple syrup, for those of you who are counting calories.

To make this fun mocktail you will need fresh blackberries, fresh kiwi, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, mint infused simple syrup, and sparkling water. To begin, muddle the blackberries, kiwi, mint leaves and lime juice in the bottom of a shaker.  Fill your glass with ice and pour muddled ingredients over ice.  Pour simple syrup and sparkling water into glass. Garnish with fresh blackberries and mint leaves.  So refreshing and delicious!

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Have you been to Target lately?  We found these cute bar towels near the dollar section that we wanted to show you.  Rhonda loves to collect cute items that reference cocktails with funny quotes or sayings.  You can never have too much of this kind of fun stuff around the house ;).

Let us know what you think about the Blackberry Kiwi Mocktail.  We’d love to hear from you!  Have a great week.


Mocktails Anyone?

Are you having a dry January?  We are not referring to the precipitation outside, but to the trend that many Americans choose to follow in January.  A dry January is when one  chooses to abstain from alcohol and alcoholic beverages for the month of January.  Some choose this route to help jump start healthy habits and new diets for the new year.  Others choose to participate in dry January to give their bodies a reprieve from all of the imbibing and rich foods that were enjoyed throughout the holiday season. This week, you will see something that The Blind Pig Blog has not previously done.  We are sharing a recipe for a non-alcoholic beverage — a mocktail!

We were quite surprised with how delicious this little beverage turned out. Rhonda expected it to taste just so-so, but it was refreshing and delicious.  The Orange Basil Spritzer would be a perfect beverage to offer if you have friends at your gathering who are abstaining from alcohol for a variety of reasons.  Why should all of the alcohol drinkers have all of the fun with the festively garnished drinks?  Offer this as an alternative and everyone can enjoy the festivities!

This post is finally highlighting two of Rhonda’s Christmas gifts. First the coup glasses were high on her list.  We had so many recipes we wanted to share with you and we didn’t have the right glasses.  Coup glasses are great for classic cocktails and for cocktails where you need a wide mouth for the garnish.  Don’t these look great?  Secondly, she finally got a chance to light her torch!  She asked for a glazing torch, so she could glaze garnishes and desserts.  She used her torch for the first time to glaze the blood orange slices used for garnish.  Just sprinkle a little sugar over the orange slices, light the torch and glaze!

Creating the Orange Basil Spritzer is an ease.  You need only a few basic ingredients: orange juice, basil simple syrup, club soda, sliced blood oranges and fresh basil for garnish.

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We made the orange spritzer with regular orange juice, next time we would purchase extra blood oranges so we could make it with blood orange juice to give it that pretty red color.

To make the basil simple syrup, follow our simple syrup recipe.  If you are going for a recipe with lower calories, you can also use our Stevia simple syrup recipe.  When placing the simple syrup in a container to cool, add two to three basil leaves.  Let the basil and syrup infuse for 24 hours before serving.

This beverage is an ideal beverage to serve at any gathering, but perfect for a baby shower or brunch! The basil simple syrup adds a delicious flavor to the orange juice base. Try out the Orange Basil Spritzer this week and let us know what you think!

We cannot close out this post with rejoicing with all of Chiefs Kingdom across the US!  It has been a very long time coming, but we all stayed true to the red and gold and now we are going to the SUPER BOWL!  Don’t worry, we are already concocting some recipes to share for your super bowl celebrations!  GO CHIEFS!!!!!