Carpano Antica Sangria!

Happy Friday everyone, and thanks for the feedback we received about the Templeton Rye Whiskey Barbecue Sauce.  We’ve had another very hot week in Texas.  The heat index reached a sweltering 106 degrees.  We told you last week that we had shared too many beverage recipes with you, but heat makes us thirsty!

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The Carpano Antica Sangria combines a few of Rhonda’s favorite things:  a little bit of Italy, red wine, and fresh fruit.  This recipe is especially easy, tasty, and fresh.  It was the perfect beverage for Rhonda to slurp down after a hot Texas summer day. Either this recipe is incredible or Rhonda was super thirsty.  We think both are most likely true.

To make the sangria you will need 1 bottle of your choice of red wine.  We used a cabernet.  You will need a cup of grenadine, and 2 cups of cranberry juice cocktail.  We chose the lite cranberry cocktail because it said it had 61% fewer calories.  Add ½ cup of simple sugar.  You can refer to the recipes on our Watermelon Wars post or on our Mojito post.  Remember you can make the stevia simple syrup if you are cutting calories.


You also will need 1 ¼ cups of Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth.  As we have mentioned before, the quality of your ingredients dictates the quality of your beverage. Beware of inexpensive vermouths.  They will adversely affect the taste of your sangria. Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth is an Italian aromatized wine warmed with notes of fig, dried cherries, faint hints of spiced gingerbread and bitter orange peel. (Basically it is a wine product from Italy.) There are other products made by Carpano, so make sure you buy the sweet vermouth. Usually Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth can be found on the wine aisle of your favorite grocery store and in the vermouth section of your liquor store.

carpano antica

Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth


Finally add in your favorite fruits of the season.  We added strawberries, plums and peaches, but apples and orange slices would work well for a Fall sangria.



Mix all ingredients together and chill until ready to serve.  Like most sangrias it is better the longer you allow the ingredients to infuse and mingle together.  Serve over ice with a straw, because #everything tastes better with a straw!


Carpano Antica Sangria

1 bottle of red wine

1 1/4 cups of Carpano Antica Vermouth

1 cup of grenadine

2 cups of cranberry juice cocktail

½ cup of simple syrup

Sliced fruit of the season, strawberries, peaches, plums, apples, oranges

Mix all ingredients.  Let sit in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.  Pour sangria into serving glass, fruit and all, add ice.


#everything tastes better with a straw

Sangria is a great choice when entertaining, because you can make it ahead of time and have it chilling in the refrigerator before guests arrive. Do you enjoy a nice sangria from time to time?


Disclaimer: The beverages on this site are meant for adults 21 years and older.  We do not support or encourage underage drinking.  Always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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